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Our Mission

The Core Ideology of Cloudswitched is to give confidence and courage to small/medium sized companies by helping them on their journey to the cloud.

Cloudswitched is here to help you get ready for the cloud and see technology as means to an end. We aim to assist in accelerating your business momentum in the direction you’re already going, but never to indicate that direction itself.

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Our support, guidance and systematic management allows businesses to obtain an effortlessly efficient IT framework and gain their independence, through a range of exclusive services.

Why Choose Us?

Cloudswitched is centrally located in London, Shoreditch to be able to provide service within proximity.

We offer a consistent delivery model that is made up of harmony, passion, intention and attention. We have a proven track record of delivering unified systemised solutions that can help companies gain independence.

Our fully certified engineers completed over 100 successful projects last year, making Cloudswitched an industry leader in innovative IT business solutions.

We work hard to provide our customers with friendly, knowledgeable and consistent service, and build strong, lasting relationships.

Work with us for...

Expert Knowledge, Guidance and Support

Speed and Reliability

100% Control

No Capacity Limitations

Minimised Security Risks

A Stress-Free Managed System

Eliminated Geographical Restrictions

Increased Availability, Continuity and Performance

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Successful Cloud Migrations



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Happy Clients

What our clients say

I have always found Cloudswitched to be extremely efficient and helpful. They always respond to any queries immediately. I am very happy with their service.



Working with Cloudswitched has been amazing. We are so glad to have chosen them for our IT support. Their team has been able to effectively solve our IT problems, and most of it without requiring to be on site. They are friendly, approachable and offer excellent customer service. It is a pleasure to work with them

Nanda Rahman

Bio Nano Consulting

No problem is too big or small for the Cloudswitched team, they are quick to respond and happy to work around the busy schedules of our team. A special thank you for your tireless efforts recently during our office move, your help and smiles throughout were hugely appreciated.

Karlymay Green


We speak your language

At Cloudswitched, we know that communication is key to successful and seamless operations and offer effortless, jargon-free interactions.


Businesses turn to us when...

They are lacking control over their IT

Not feeling confident in the security of one's business data can be worrying, and a breach of security or having data compromised could be catastrophic.

They aren't in control of their IT spending

Not being sure what's included and what's not, what unexpected costs might pop up down the line, and what budget or ROI concerns one may be faced with, is stressful for any business, big or small.

Their staff are lacking in creativity, proactivity & productivity

When IT staff lack coaching and direction, it can be hard for them to perform optimally, which ultimately effects the daily running of business.

They are lacking expertise & direction

With so many options, it is difficult to recognise what would be beneficial to specific business needs, or what would set a business apart, without professional IT guidance.

They have no proactive solution to reactive issues

The time associated with responding to and resolving issues is disruptive to business and causes a stressful working environment.

They are unprepared for technical crisis

Technical crisis, alongside other continuity issues, is the ultimate cause of downtime and consequently contributes to business loss if not managed effectively and resolved rapidly.

They aren't optimising their current IT setup

Having an IT setup that is partially going to waste can be a hard pill for a business to swallow.

Their IT infrastructure is made up of ageing hardware

When the hardware that is the lifeblood of a business's IT infrastructure starts to show its age, a range of disadvantageous issues can arise.

They have no inhouse IT department

Having no allocated IT department or management service creates an  accident prone IT environment, which constitutes to unnecessary business emergencies, and unsound practice.

They don't want staff within other roles handling it issues

When staff with background IT knowledge take the ropes it results in slow and complicated resolution, as well as excessive downtime.

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