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At Cloudswitched we offer a complete "end-to-end" solution for transitioning to a Cloud server with Microsoft Azure.

Beginning with an initial complimentary consultation, so we can design and architect a system infrastructure directly suited to your business, as post as post set-up testing and optimising to ensure your business hits the ground running.

We can also arrange for a data clean up, subscription and billing administration support, and ongoing assistance to ensure you get the most out of Cloud with Azure.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation meet your business challenges. It's the freedom to build, manage and deploy servers on a massive, global network using your favourite tools and frameworks.


Businesses turn to us when...

They have ageing server hardware

Performance begins to lag, the costs associated with running the server start to rise, they're constantly faced with warranty and replacement apprehensions, the sever becomes more prone to failure, and they are exposed to security risks.

They are worried about the downtime risks associated with an on-premise server

An on-premise server comes with the unwanted responsibility of keeping it safe, and keeping it running. Should a sever experience a crash or be stolen, significant downtime is caused.

They are experiencing collaboration issues across locations

Having multiple servers across multiple locations is a headache to synchronise and collaborate. Not only is this an expensive way of fuelling a business's IT, but it is frustrating and creates a disconnect between sites.

They are experiencing scalability issues

An outdated server system does not allow them effective scalability, which results in performance degradation and the inability to respond appropriately to business change.

They are worried about the security risks associated with an on-premise server

Data security is a serious concern with on-premise servers. There are various ways in which data can be exposed to security holes, and potentially be lost, which would be catastrophic to business.

They feel like they are technologically outdated

They are left wondering "what if" and have a sense of not being able to keep up due to technological inferiorities.

They have no control over their server spending

They are in a server environment that does not allow them to have any control over their OPEX/CAPEX costs.

They don't want the burden of server maintenance and management

When a business has limited or no server maintenance or management in place, it opens them up to a lot of risks that can be potentially catastrophic. This makes it hard for them to operate with confidence.

They want to transition to a cloud based server, but don't know how

Transitioning to a Cloud server can seem like a mammoth task for any business. The risks are endless, and they are unable to plan or structure their transition appropriately with limited knowledge.

Ready to make the switch?

Why choose Cloudswitched?



We believe in offering value and result based advice, tailored to your individual business needs.


Granular approach

We make use of a detailed granular process, to ensure all bases are covered and complete satisfaction.



Our workplace integration and optimisation allow you to hit the ground running, promoting business continuity and enhanced performance.



Our fully certified engineers completed over 50 successful transitions to Cloud servers last year, so you can rest assured knowing your business is in safe hands.

What our clients say

I have always found Cloudswitched to be extremely efficient and helpful. They always respond to any queries immediately. I am very happy with their service.



Working with Cloudswitched has been amazing. We are so glad to have chosen them for our IT support. Their team has been able to effectively solve our IT problems, and most of it without requiring to be on site. They are friendly, approachable and offer excellent customer service. It is a pleasure to work with them

Nanda Rahman

Bio Nano Consulting

No problem is too big or small for the Cloudswitched team, they are quick to respond and happy to work around the busy schedules of our team. A special thank you for your tireless efforts recently during our office move, your help and smiles throughout were hugely appreciated.

Karlymay Green


Our Happy Customers All Over The World

We provide long-term support and work hard to provide our customers with friendly, knowledgeable and consistent service to build strong, lasting relationships.

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