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At Cloudswitched, we know that migrating your email system to Office 365, or even just getting started, can be a daunting task for businesses.

We have you covered with our all-in-one migration service that takes care of things from start to finish, providing you with clarity, assurance and enhanced composition.

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  • Security and Efficiency
  • Scale-ability Freedom
  • Minimised Downtime
  • Maximised Reliability
  • Say Goodbye to Spam

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Businesses turn to us when

Businesses turn to us when

They are unaware of updated email systems and migration options

When a business is unaware of the best system and migration service for their needs, this results in them becoming overwhelmed by the whole process, which can delay the changeover.

Their emails are hosted on an ageing hardware platform

When their hardware starts to show its age its performance starts to decline, the costs associated with running it start to rise, they're constantly faced with warranty and replacement worries, and are exposed to security holes.

They are experiencing synchronisation issues

Being unable to synchronise amongst multiple devices creates ongoing hurdles, and prevents seamless communications, which are vital to business.

They are aware of the updated systems and migration options, but lack the expertise to execute the changeover

Migrating to an updated email system can be a daunting task that poses a lot of risk to the untrained eye. From not knowing where to start, to being confused about how to structure the migration, to being worried about the downtime associated; a migration to an updated system can be tricky.

They are unable to scale their email system

An outdated email system does not allow a business effective scalability, which results in performance degradation and the inability to respond appropriately to business change.

They feel that their email security is compromised

Feeling like there are holes in security surrounding an email infrastructure can be a serious cause for concern. In addition to this, having to constantly deal with daily spam can be frustrating and time consuming.

Our process

We've got you covered

Step 1


We appreciate the individuality of your business and truly get to know you. We offer an initial consultation to identify and understand your unique business needs.

Step 2


We design and architect your new email structure, 100% tailored to your business requirements.

Step 3


We take care of the implementation of your new email system from start to finish whilst minimising downtime to keep you moving.

Step 4


We test and optimise your new email system to promote ultimate performance and efficiency.

Step 5


We can also arrange for a data spring clean, license and billing administration support, and ongoing assistance to ensure the best and most cost-effective use of your new email system.

Security and Efficiency

Scale-Ability Freedom

Minimised Downtime & Maximised Reliability

Say Goodbye to Spam

Everything You Need From a Cloud Based Email System

Emails with Office 365 provides a modern and reliable email solution that allows for seamless communications.

  • Ultimate Performance
  • Effortless Synchronisation
  • Security
  • Business Continuity
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What Makes Us Different?

At Cloudswitched, we believe communication is key. We speak your language!

We aim to alleviate the stresses associated with an email migration to office 365 by providing a complete end-to end service in which we assume a detailed granular approach, as to cover all bases.

Our workplace integration and optimisation allow for systematic email migrations that promote business continuity and enhanced performance. We provide clarity through offering a transparent, value-based licensing set-up.

Our fully certified engineers completed over 100 successful migrations last year, making Cloudswitched a pioneer in innovative Cloud business solutions.

We work hard to provide our customers with friendly, knowledgeable and consistent service, and build strong, lasting relationships.



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We provide long-term support and work hard to provide our customers with friendly, knowledgeable and consistent service to build strong, lasting relationships.

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