Virtual CIO

Reach New Heights

Our Virtual CIO service is account management taken to the next level. vCIO streamlines your operations and creates cost savings by zoning in on key business processes and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Our process

1. Insight

We provide clear insight into your current IT infrastructures.

2. Identification

We identify technical risks and improvements.

3. Translation

We translate them into business risks and improvements.

we offer a professional-1

We offer a professional and proactive approach to enhancing IT systems for both small and medium businesses

Through systematic processes and jargon-free communications, we assist businesses in obtaining an effortlessly efficient IT framework.

Businesses turn to us when

They are lacking expertise and direction with their IT

They feel like they aren't optimising the use of their current IT infrastructure

They believe their IT is lacking in efficiency

They are not in control of their IT spending

They have no proactive solution to reactive issues

They are unprepared for technical crisis and are unable to effectively manage fast resolution

They feel vulnerable in terms of security and data protection

They don't want the burden of managing licensing and compliance

They feel like their IT staff are lacking in proactivity, productivity and creativity

They feel there is a communication disconnect between general staff and the IT team

Our skills

We provide you with value-based, result generating advice for maximum efficiency.

We appreciate the uniqueness of your business and offer ongoing, local and personalised support tailored to fit your individual business needs.

IT cost reduction

Up to 0%

Increased employee productivity

Up to 0%

Licensing & compliance


Want to work with us?

We work hard to provide our customers with friendly, knowledgeable and consistent service; and build strong, lasting relationships.

How we can help you

On your journey to new heights.

Expertise & guidance

As an industry leader in innovative IT business solutions, we can share with you our expert knowlegde and give you ultimate direction and guidance.

IT budget control

We provide clarity surrounding fees and costs associated with your IT.

Proactive solutions

We place substantial focus on proactivity to keep your business up and runing with effortless efficiency.

Technical crisis response

We ensure you are well prepared for technical crisis to maximise business continuity.


We provide clear insight into your current IT infrastructure and ensure that you are optimising the use of your IT setup for peak performance.

IT efficiency

We help you optimise your IT setup for your business to avoid unnecessary costs or delays and eliminate any output obstacles.


We offer security and protection for your precious business data, so you can have breathe easy knowing you are safe and sound.

Licensing & compliance

We eliminate the burden of having to keep up with your licensing and compliance by managing this for you to ensure no disruption to business.

Productivity & creativity

We provide your IT staff with the direction required for them to perform optimally, thus maximising your business resources.

Unified communications

We bridge the gap between your IT and general staff for seamless communications and enhanced productivity.

Why choose us?

We work hard in creating the best solutions for you.

We take a simple, yet defined and proactive approach.

We don't do jargon. We speak your language!

We have a proven track record of delivering unified systematised solutions.

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