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we recognise

We recognise that moving offices can be a daunting task for both medium and small businesses, alike.

We offer comprehensive, bespoke end-to-end solutions to relocating your office IT, ensuring seamless transitions, minimised downtime and maximised efficiency.


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Unsure how to commence your IT office move?

An office move can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to relocating your IT. Perhaps it's not knowing where to start, how to structure the IT relocation from beginning to end, or generally feeling overwhelmed by the whole process.

Worried about the risks of relocating your IT?

The risks of relocating an office's complete IT setup are real. It can be distressing to have to complete any part of the office move with the risks associated hovering over your head, and the potential for the transition to come apart at the seams; a business nightmare!

Want to avoid excessive disruption to business?

With business continuity being essential, it's worrying to face the potential of downtime and disruption to business during your office move. It's taxing not knowing how the relocation will pan out and makes future planning difficult.


Want to use the opportunity to upgrade your IT?

It makes sense to do a bit of an IT revamp and upgrade whilst relocating. But, with so many new technologies out there, and a million and one offers for the latest and greatest, it's challenging knowing which options are aligned with your individual future projections and would provide the best value.

Apprehensive about security and losing data?

Your business data is priceless and the process of relocating an IT setup can, therefore, be painful knowing what is at stake. The fear of losing data, or it being insecure for any period is a significant cause for concern.

Don't want to have to deal with numerous parties?

Relocating an office's IT system without industry professional support is a feat. But, relocating an office's IT system with the help of multiple industry professionals is also tricky. There's the fear of missing something out, having to coordinate service providers effectively, and the fact that juggling multiple parties is time consuming!

Arrange your stress-free IT office move, today!

we take care of

We take care of moving your IT, so you can take care of business.

We offer a complete all-in-one solution for relocating small to medium business IT infrastructure.

Our IT relocation service is inclusive of all data cabling, internet and telephony, network architecture, the complete dismantle and reinstall, as well as a total reconfiguration.

Why choose us?

We believe communication is key. We pride ourselves on gaining a deep understanding of your business needs from the get-go.

We aim to alleviate the stresses associated with an office move by providing a complete package service, offering bespoke, value-based solutions that are tailored to your individual business requirements.

Our templated processes allow for systematic IT relocations that promote business continuity and we reduce teething-problems by providing you with an onsite Engineer post relocation!

We work hard to provide our customers with friendly, knowledgeable and consistent service, and build strong, lasting relationships.

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We take care of moving your IT, so you can take care of business.

What our clients say

I have always found Cloudswitched to be extremely efficient and helpful. They always respond to any queries immediately. I am very happy with their service.



Working with Cloudswitched has been amazing. We are so glad to have chosen them for our IT support. Their team has been able to effectively solve our IT problems, and most of it without requiring to be on site. They are friendly, approachable and offer excellent customer service. It is a pleasure to work with them

Nanda Rahman

Bio Nano Consulting

No problem is too big or small for the Cloudswitched team, they are quick to respond and happy to work around the busy schedules of our team. A special thank you for your tireless efforts recently during our office move, your help and smiles throughout were hugely appreciated.

Karlymay Green